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What I Learned from my Millionaire Mentor

And How This Knowledge Can Launch Anyone On a Path to Making Millions

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“The teachings from JT’s millionaire mentor, Clay Clark, are a true game-changer. From hosting him on my podcast to attending his powerful business conferences, I’m continually inspired. Unlike most motivational speakers, Clay Clark offers actionable steps, not just empty words. His wisdom is a roadmap to real results. I wholeheartedly endorse his transformative work!”

John Lee Dumas

(JLD) (Founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire and author of The Common Path To Uncommon Success)

“Life is not what you know but who you know.” While that may be true, often we lack the humility to learn from those that we meet that have the fruit in their lives we desire. JT Lawson condensed time frames and made astounding progress in his life because he humbly made the most of “who he knew” and lucky for us, he wrote down all the details for us to benefit from his “Millionaire Mentor!”

David & Stacy Whited

(Chart-Topping Podcasters and host of the Flyover Conservatives)

Having a millionaire mentor changed my life and I know it can change yours too!

Once I met my millionaire mentor, I realized that almost everything I had learned during my many years in college spent earning a business degree was a complete waste of time and money. My millionaire mentor completely shattered my preconceptions of achieving success in business and in life itself. What I learned from my millionaire mentor has set me on my own path to making millions. This book contains some GAME-CHANGING mindsets, strategies, systems and processes that I learned from my millionaire mentor. I’ve discovered in life, we either choose to learn from fake teachers, such as those in college, who teach theories and concepts that don’t work or we can learn from REAL entrepreneurs who have actually achieved success as a result of implementing the mindsets, strategies, systems and processes that they live out on a daily basis. My millionaire mentor has interviewed hundreds of successful people, and has also discovered that nearly all SUPER SUCCESSFUL people implement the same fundamental principles. The process to become SUCCESSFUL isn’t complicated; however action is the real measure of intelligence.